Monday, February 06, 2006

Silver Rain in Africa.

Rain in Africa.
Somehow it is just different from rain anywhere else in the world. The sultry humid weather builds up to a steam that releases with the most wonderful smells and colours as dust is washed away to let the origional womb of Mother Earth swell out in a quiet pregnancy of life.

Lightning thunders in aproval of life, making the huge clouds bounce in excitement, pouring the buckets of moisture into the air, to land on the leaves, the earth, the paved landing , I call porch.

In the past few months my life has changed. Going from fulltime councillor to part time marketing online, I soon realised that whilst it is simple, it is not easy. Hard work, with loads of scams and promises, pyramid schemes like a huge overgrowth of negative jungle, and perception being the scythe that needs to be used to uncover the true marketing systems.

It is very similar to rain in Africa. The lightning being the thunder oftemper if you feel that you were almost caught by some guru, promising the lazy world of Pinocchio when it really is not like that at all.

I became wise. I am not perfect but I am internet-wise. That is worse than being streetwise because the person or company intent to catch you is often invisible behind a furore of honesty misused.

I might be inventing the wheel but sson there will be a site showing the true effective sustems available. I will always warn about the scams and I will not stop until they take a step back and consider their greed.

I do love rain in Africa.

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