Sunday, April 20, 2008

Globalnetmarketing: know a trend when you see one

I would like to present you with a concept that puts all of us
in a win win situation.

It allows you to interlink with people you need, to link you
to people that can work for you, be of assistance,
or act on your behalf in another state or country.
It makes the world a smaller place.

South Africa is hosting the 2010 WORLD SOCCER CUP
and this has created a boom in this beautiful country.

I wonder if the enthusiasm that we experienced with the rugby finals
will be the same or even surpassed.
One of my partners remarked that they only expect 500 000
people to visit us during that time.

My brother in law works for the firm that builds the soccer stadium
and various hotels, including the six star going up near the airport.
He begs to differ, saying that a lot more people will be here than
just 1/2 a million. What do you think?

Are you using this event to benefit your business and if so how?

We are helping smaller business link to give them exposure
to the international market.

I also found that there is an increase in overseas interest
into South Africa, the Chinese are buying the coal mines,
the Americans nibble on property deals even if they are still
nervous and the European market smile because of the Euro.

Although a poor rand is not good for the import market,
this can benefit the local business catering for the tourists and soccer fans.

I see a trend here and whilst it might not be a long term trend,
2 years is enough to make money from it , if you handle it the right way.

You can benefit in one or more of 3 ways:

1.By telling us about your needs, we would send you a
tailor made quote, explaining how we would be able to
be of assistance to you.

2.Consider being part of our GLOBAL network and acting on behalf
others who needs someone in your country or city to represent them.

3.Refer others to our network and receive 10% bonus
when they make use of our service.

Please take the time and browse our site.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

2010 World cup.. SOUTH AFRICA

A warm welcome to all businesses in South Africa. Whether you are a soccer fan or not, the 2010 soccer world cup can benefit you. Globalnetmarketing invites you to contact us and allow the world to see a window to your business.
Whether you own a guesthouse, have a house to rent for any period of time, offer a service that would be of use to the tourists coming to South Africa, this is the place to be.

Globalnetmarketing offers you much more than just a listing.
You will have exposure to people wanting to do business with South Africa.
The service is a HUMAN YELLOW pages.

There are no automated links, therefore your business will exposed to the people wanting to know more about YOU.

Contact us today for more information.

World cup 2010 - globalnetmarketing

China has the Olympics but SOUTH AFRICA has the 2010 WORLD SOCCER CUP