Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am sick of hearing that TRAFFIC will bring me success!


sO.. UNLESS YOU DO THAT...don't STOP AT MY SITE !!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Woody speaks

Well, the same way I began my other empire, I began my foray into the underbelly of "Internet Marketing".

I found myself back in the forums.

But shockingly, I found experience in the marketing forums to be completely different than the porn webmaster forums...

It wasn't a group of people talking about the bold and exciting new ways they were driving an assload of traffic to their sites.

Instead, they were filled with hundreds of posts daily from people screaming out for help...people desperate to make money, and pleading for someone to give them the answers.

And the replies to these pleas, were almost always to the effect of "why don't you do a search on this board because this question has been asked a thousand times already."

Not very pleasant or very helpful. And that's not all...I noticed many marketers that were...

Unable to get traffic

Overloaded with too much information, and little of it very good

Completely frustrated

Tired of all the false promises and no real information

Tired of the gurus (what a funny word to describe these characters)

Generally discouraged and ready to quit

After pouring through the forums for days, I had to take a break, because quite frankly it was depressing the hell out of me...

Are you in Maximum overdrive?

"If you're sick and tired of the over-promise under-deliver so called 'secrets' you've already known for years, then prepare for an awakening that will send you shockwaves of traffic and online profits that you were starting to believe impossible..."

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chains of violence: Women in South africa

Anyone who has never been mentally or physically abused will find it hard to understand why women all over the world would take this.
Why not leave? Why not report the abuser?

Fear of change is the rope that binds them to this horrible situation. Fear of change and hope that things will just *come right.

That if they are really good and do not *provoke* their abuser they will feel safe and happy.

Most abused women in South Africa will tell you that they simply do not feel comfortable going to a police station to report being abused.

Sadly the special unit,dealing with abuse of women and children has been disbanded, and these highly trained staff now deal with other crimes.

One of my clients got seriously injured when her landlord broke down her front door,threatening to hurt her. Out of fear she jumped over the balcony of the two story high room she had locked herself in. The police only arrived after her friend called a friend who called the flying squad. Till today, her two frantic calls did not bring any reaction from the very law that is supposed to protect us.

Another woman, who happens to work for a lawyer, still can not break the cycle because her husband is a senior prosecutor,who told her that he is *untouchable* and that she should call him God. He is so confident that he will not be stopped because of all his *friends* in high places.

South African women still fear reporting or acting on abuse. Fear of rejection from their families, an intricate culture system with 14 ethnic groups, with different culture and beliefs bind them silently, no matter how much they are told that it is OK to break away from this violence.

Money plays a role. An abused woman will often feel that she can just not cope leaving everything behind and trying to start on her own. We are not in the same league here as far as welfare,food stamps and support groups.

This is why Footprints Ministry needs your help. We provide a safe house, food,clothes, work for abused women. We show them the hard road to faith in God when they feel so neglected by religion.

They find the haven of having someone to talk to, someone to pray for and with them, someone to listen. We assist with legal help, going through the red take of breaking bonds they forged in love.

If you feel the calling to help in this venture, if you are abused and scared to reach out, if you just want to give a small donation, the link to protect abused woman in South Africa becomes stronger.

Help us to chain violence.

Not because you have to.. but because you can.