Thursday, April 26, 2007

Woody speaks

Well, the same way I began my other empire, I began my foray into the underbelly of "Internet Marketing".

I found myself back in the forums.

But shockingly, I found experience in the marketing forums to be completely different than the porn webmaster forums...

It wasn't a group of people talking about the bold and exciting new ways they were driving an assload of traffic to their sites.

Instead, they were filled with hundreds of posts daily from people screaming out for help...people desperate to make money, and pleading for someone to give them the answers.

And the replies to these pleas, were almost always to the effect of "why don't you do a search on this board because this question has been asked a thousand times already."

Not very pleasant or very helpful. And that's not all...I noticed many marketers that were...

Unable to get traffic

Overloaded with too much information, and little of it very good

Completely frustrated

Tired of all the false promises and no real information

Tired of the gurus (what a funny word to describe these characters)

Generally discouraged and ready to quit

After pouring through the forums for days, I had to take a break, because quite frankly it was depressing the hell out of me...

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