Sunday, July 19, 2009

proudly plus size

it is true that people form an impression of you when they see you the first time, something that may change if they get to know you better.
First Impressions does not mean you need to stay at home if you are plus size!
Make sure that you come across fresh and happy ( only you can make yourself happy)
Wear a size that FITS. Do not go a size bigger or smaller than what you are. Too tight looks cheap and too big looks sloppy.
Draw attention to your assets: Eyes, Breasts Legs or ankles. And like who you are!
Match what you wear to the style you want to present. Stylish can be casual ;)
Take care of your hands and feet, with creams and manicures.
Pick a hairstyle that is modern yet suits you and portray who you are.
LIFT your head and smile.
LIKE yourself.
For advice on the plus size figure, chat to Ariane at and you might just learn a thing or two !

It also helps to look at the clothes she selects for the larger lady, Get an idea of what you like and then buy it ;)
It might just change your life ;)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plus size Apple turning into a siren with a clever trick

A friend of mine allowed me to talk her into wearing a corset. She has lovely legs and arms but her weight is between her breasts and her pelvis, We choose a sexy black leather corset, lovely and soft to the touch , yet firm to hold or change a figure. It was designed, so no bra is needed with adjustable straps and a zipper at the back. She laughed when I zipped her in, gasped a little when I adjusted the laces on the sides, commented on how this made her stand and sit correctly, with the corset supporting her back muscles. She also loved to cleavage she now had! I do think that there were some advantages to our great grandmothers! And then the wow came.. she was suddenly 2 sizes smaller! And she had a waistline! Because of the relaxed muscles around her stomach now being trained to be pulled tight, She didn't have to opt for the bigger tops to cover her stomach because it was virtually flat! Have a look at the lovely range of tops and blouses that Bookoopop offers. Affordable price,dressing away from your issues, feeling feminine and modern