Sunday, October 23, 2005

magical evergreenbrowns


I say in evergreenbrown.... a warm hello and a
warm welcome to another letter filled with news.
I am writing from sunny South Africa while the
rest of the world has its own worries..... from
Hurricanes to Bird flu.

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From marketing team

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Two things comes up when I think about money, the colour might fade but
it never changes. Imagine a crisp new note, the ink so fresh you almost
smell it. Do not try and put this into any slot machine for it will
simply be spat out.This is not an evergreenbrown!

The slotmachine wants evergreenbrowns. Insert a not too used note and
voile! You have credits!
Evergreenbrowns are unique. The look new but they are not. They stay
the same all year round. So it is evergreen, in brown. Evergreenbrowns
is the jacket your dad wore when you were small. Looking at it now
brings back the memories of joy, holding his hand, the smell that says
: This is my dad.

Evergreenbrowns are the pictures you rediscover when you do spring
cleaning. It might fade but it brings an evergreen memory to you, a
smile, a tear, a wish.
Evergreenbrowns are the thoughts you have when you play a slotmachine
that has rewarded you with more cash than what you put in.

Evergreenbrowns is when your life partner brings you coffee whilst you
hammer away at the keys of your pc. The coffee is not evergreen. The
action is. It brings memories of feeling loved, feeling safe, feeling
wanted. Evergreen emotions in a soft earthly brown.

We are all looking for the evergreenbrowns in our life. What are yours?

Evergreenbrowns come when your daughter in law tells you that you will
be a grandmother. It is not the thought of new life that is evergreen.
The evergreenbrowns come with memory of giving birth to your own

Hope you have loads of evergreenbrowns today!