Thursday, September 21, 2006

friday business blabber

SO why did God give us teeth that eventually cracks,breaks,have to be filled or even pulled?
Simple. How would dentists survive otherwise?

I am not going to talk about dentists. If I do need to see a dentist, I would certainly consider
going to NDT car rental and chauffeur services. This way I would not have to worry about an accident and could happily ( sic) nurse my bruised mouth on the way back from the torture chambers.

And because my mouth hurts, I would not want to argue with the electricity department.
Luckily the unique powersaver Power4Africa offers gives you an up to 70% power saving
which takes care of that problem.

My webpages are running smoothly because w3b just gives me that something *special* when they design a page. W3b also offers the fresh coat of paint to a website that just doesnt do it for you, saves time and monny and they offer superb hosting services too.

If in need of spiritual advice, why not ask silverjade a question for free? The old woman has 27 years experience as a psychic and she is down to earth.

Want to see your advertisment shown but you do not have the money to do so? Consider asking WEBB for a quote and bus your business. 14 Buses travelling to various destinations still has a nice blank butt that could show off your business.

Once you have done that and you want to relax, take yourself to a virtual las Vegas and take a chance on one of the progressives.

Oh. Lastly.If you feel that your website is good enough for me to rate it, list it for free.

Enough of the blabber.Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The tale of three casinos

Through the magical portal
with silver,not gold
you will find the dragon
with fortunes untold
The power of three
will set you free
but then you must play
you must play today!

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Magical tale of Dragons and stuff

One day there was a witch and a dragon and they were friends with an old woman..

No Wait read the rest for yourself...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Worth looking at

I might just be a baby now but I will be a business giant one day

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A magical Exclusive

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Eyesight, soft lighting and saving money

I went to the optician last week. She remarked on how sensitive
my eyes are to light. I started thinking about light.
Sunshine is something I can not change, hence the shades I wear when I go out.

What about my business?
Could I help my eyes not to burn, water or strain by using softer lighting?
Could my factory and warehouse staff benefit from this?

Power4Africa has a product called Eluma.

Eluma is an intelligent light fitting, which has been designed
specifically for use in warehousing, factories and large retail outlets.
When replacing traditional lighting it always realises at least a 50%
energy saving and delivers a significant improvement in light quality.

Eluma luminaire is designed for mounting heights above 6 metres
up to 16 meters.
It achieves significant cost savings over conventional lighting fixtures
such as metal halide and fluorescent fittings.

It has various benefits, for health, safety and cost savings:
* Guaranteed, easy to prove 50% energy saving – often over 70%
* Intelligent proximity detector system
* Intelligent daylight harvesting
* Longer lamp life – reduced maintenance
* Instant strike, flicker free, reduced glare
* Simple “Plug and Play” style installation

Eluma can deliver savings up to 70% of the lighting costs in business
and large building concern.

Not only is this a highly efficient form of soft lighting, it also takes account of the fact that at most times, lighting is left on in all areas of a warehouse or factory, even when no one is working there.

Even when, in many warehouses natural light is present through roof lights, however the lights are always fully on.

Power4Africa's Eluma intelligently senses occupancy in each area
of the warehouse and/or the change in natural light and adjusts
the light level and hence electrical energy usage accordingly.

Eluma only generates light that is required.It even has occupancy
sensors can turn lights off after a pre-determined time if no one is
present – which is a 100% saving. I realised that I can save money
on electricity and headache tablets if I have Eluma as a light fitting!

We have quite a crime rate in South Africa.
The sensors double-up as a security measure; e.g.
if a night watchman is working he will know if there is anyone present
in any area by virtue of the fact that the lights will come on.

Contact Power4africa for your quote on this remarkable product today!