Thursday, September 21, 2006

friday business blabber

SO why did God give us teeth that eventually cracks,breaks,have to be filled or even pulled?
Simple. How would dentists survive otherwise?

I am not going to talk about dentists. If I do need to see a dentist, I would certainly consider
going to NDT car rental and chauffeur services. This way I would not have to worry about an accident and could happily ( sic) nurse my bruised mouth on the way back from the torture chambers.

And because my mouth hurts, I would not want to argue with the electricity department.
Luckily the unique powersaver Power4Africa offers gives you an up to 70% power saving
which takes care of that problem.

My webpages are running smoothly because w3b just gives me that something *special* when they design a page. W3b also offers the fresh coat of paint to a website that just doesnt do it for you, saves time and monny and they offer superb hosting services too.

If in need of spiritual advice, why not ask silverjade a question for free? The old woman has 27 years experience as a psychic and she is down to earth.

Want to see your advertisment shown but you do not have the money to do so? Consider asking WEBB for a quote and bus your business. 14 Buses travelling to various destinations still has a nice blank butt that could show off your business.

Once you have done that and you want to relax, take yourself to a virtual las Vegas and take a chance on one of the progressives.

Oh. Lastly.If you feel that your website is good enough for me to rate it, list it for free.

Enough of the blabber.Have a great day!

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