Sunday, May 28, 2006


newsblogs to watch

Ah blogs. Easy to use, good to read, always updated.

Bookmark these blogs and save yourself useless surfing:

We did the surfing for you!

A magical blog with news about all the bonusses, specials and promotions. Updated as we get the news!

Another place where I write about what I see and how I rate it

A cute little site, with huge bonusses
While you wish for gold, silver brings you luck. Updates on everything happening with silverdollars and it's partners.

123 alert blog. If you havent seen the non profit website, go to and share the knowledge.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

welcome to earth Clarise

I am happy .. my first grandchild made her appearance at 18h05 , on this magical day 11 may 2006.

Welcome Clarise and may you continue to make us all feel this incredible joy of today

play with the casino's money

One of the affiliate programs at silverdollars casino has brought out 8 new games. This started on Monday but unfortunately the internet was as such that I could not even send mail, let alone log on here.

All you have to do to get this R50 a day to play the new games, is to join the mailing list. You would then get a list of codes to use.

Oh yes, what ever you win.. is yours to keep!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

safe gaming tips

Affiliates take time to select the best casinos to link to. We want to
make money and also keep the punters. 4 casinos who are proud to let
you see their site and the programs they linked to are:

They all have one thing in common. All 4 casino pages were developed by
the wellknown Whilst the casinos are in no way related to
one another, they all show off their own unique brand of ownership,
from the magical swirls of magical casino, to the sensual Siobhan.

The tip from these 4 casinos are:
Play with your head, not your heart. Listen to your gut and go when you
feel you need to log off.

As soon as you have won more than you deposited, withdraw that amount
and then carefully play with the casino's money. Some days you will
notice that slots pay off more, other time poker machines, another time
the tables will favour you.

Some days, playing small is benefical, other times you need to play the
bigger denomination to get a reaction. Play around carefully and watch
for a trend.

Say THANK you when you win and LEAVE. Do not be greedy.. you will lose more than you intend to!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

magical casino pick your prize

Click to Pick Your Prize!

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Tell us what you would like to win...

For our first Easter competition we would like YOU to decide what YOU would like to win... Is it a funky laptop, a holiday for two, a voucher to buy an engagement ring, a camera to capture precious memories or a car to maneuver around with?

Make your choice...

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Click to Pick Your Prize!Click to Pick Your Prize!

Friday, May 05, 2006

May in Africa dare me to rate you

Caasinos. You have to love them or hate them. There are over 3 million online casinos to pick from. How do you pick and where do you go, not to fall into the pit of being taken for a ride? has a list of safe affiliates, casinos, and the scam list of STAY away!

Let me know when you have been scammed and by who by adding that scammer to the list. It isquick to do, easy to add and I will most certainly rate it as scam if I have all the facts!

Have a look. Add your site for free and dare me to rate you.. after all.. if your page is that good.. it deserves to be rated....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

magical news

Magical news is that I am becioming a grandmother in less than 2 weeks.. I cant wait to see this beautiful babygirl that will call me gran!

Feel free to look at her pictures as she curls up cozily in her mommy s womb. Come soon little Clarisse...