Sunday, May 07, 2006

safe gaming tips

Affiliates take time to select the best casinos to link to. We want to
make money and also keep the punters. 4 casinos who are proud to let
you see their site and the programs they linked to are:

They all have one thing in common. All 4 casino pages were developed by
the wellknown Whilst the casinos are in no way related to
one another, they all show off their own unique brand of ownership,
from the magical swirls of magical casino, to the sensual Siobhan.

The tip from these 4 casinos are:
Play with your head, not your heart. Listen to your gut and go when you
feel you need to log off.

As soon as you have won more than you deposited, withdraw that amount
and then carefully play with the casino's money. Some days you will
notice that slots pay off more, other time poker machines, another time
the tables will favour you.

Some days, playing small is benefical, other times you need to play the
bigger denomination to get a reaction. Play around carefully and watch
for a trend.

Say THANK you when you win and LEAVE. Do not be greedy.. you will lose more than you intend to!

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