Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eyesight, soft lighting and saving money

I went to the optician last week. She remarked on how sensitive
my eyes are to light. I started thinking about light.
Sunshine is something I can not change, hence the shades I wear when I go out.

What about my business?
Could I help my eyes not to burn, water or strain by using softer lighting?
Could my factory and warehouse staff benefit from this?

Power4Africa has a product called Eluma.

Eluma is an intelligent light fitting, which has been designed
specifically for use in warehousing, factories and large retail outlets.
When replacing traditional lighting it always realises at least a 50%
energy saving and delivers a significant improvement in light quality.

Eluma luminaire is designed for mounting heights above 6 metres
up to 16 meters.
It achieves significant cost savings over conventional lighting fixtures
such as metal halide and fluorescent fittings.

It has various benefits, for health, safety and cost savings:
* Guaranteed, easy to prove 50% energy saving – often over 70%
* Intelligent proximity detector system
* Intelligent daylight harvesting
* Longer lamp life – reduced maintenance
* Instant strike, flicker free, reduced glare
* Simple “Plug and Play” style installation

Eluma can deliver savings up to 70% of the lighting costs in business
and large building concern.

Not only is this a highly efficient form of soft lighting, it also takes account of the fact that at most times, lighting is left on in all areas of a warehouse or factory, even when no one is working there.

Even when, in many warehouses natural light is present through roof lights, however the lights are always fully on.

Power4Africa's Eluma intelligently senses occupancy in each area
of the warehouse and/or the change in natural light and adjusts
the light level and hence electrical energy usage accordingly.

Eluma only generates light that is required.It even has occupancy
sensors can turn lights off after a pre-determined time if no one is
present – which is a 100% saving. I realised that I can save money
on electricity and headache tablets if I have Eluma as a light fitting!

We have quite a crime rate in South Africa.
The sensors double-up as a security measure; e.g.
if a night watchman is working he will know if there is anyone present
in any area by virtue of the fact that the lights will come on.

Contact Power4africa for your quote on this remarkable product today!

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