Monday, February 06, 2006

casino clones for lazy gamers?
Attack of the Online Casino Clones
22 January 2006

Once upon a time people played casino games aboard steam ships and in elegant poker saloons. But all that is in the past. In 2006 the majority of gambling enthusiasts find everything they need at their favorite online casinos. The technology behind the internet is integral to the story of the online casino which is only about 10 years old. But not only has the casino gone digital, it seems that the player is also starting to lose his human edge. The release of poker bots, essentially software that is designed to play on behalf of a real live player, is no longer a thing of the past and some of the online casino operators are taking it seriously.

It may seem like a strange concept, virtual players playing at virtual casinos, but in 2006 it has become our reality. Not only did the online casino replace the land based casino as the most popular place to gamble for many enthusiasts, but the human player is slowly being replaced by the computerized player. CptPokr is a new software casino bot from Win HoldEm and is designed to win games for you without you having to make any important decisions. By applying mathematical strategy, the bot is supposed to come up with the best possible play given all the options and choices while playing poker at an online casino.

The question is not necessarily whether the online casino bots will do a better job than a real player but rather to what end? If you play at the online casinos for fun then surely setting one software in motion to go up against another type of software and then going out for a 2 hour stroll in the park is not exactly what most would classify as high speed gambling fun. So if you want to let the computer do all the work, then check out casino bots. Otherwise, for some old fashion fun, check out the online casinos listed here.

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