Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Got reported for abuse. I did not abuse. Placing an advertisment on the google groups for www.silverguru.co.za, inviting webmasters to list their sites for free and be rated, obviously either got viper@venomx.com jealous, insecure or worried. I am rather proud of the site.

This is what I said :
I have surfed many hours and have come to see the good, the bad, and
the horrors...

This site is a compilation of useful links to programs that i believe
are safe to use, and really deliver on their promises to help you earn
decent money... and of course links to the scam artists, bullies and
cheats because as they say - forewarned is forearmed - and I'm not
afraid to tell it like it is!

In order to have ranking, you need traffic. In order to build up
newsletter subscribers, they need to look at your site. So sorry auto
surfer pages but you will not fall in this category. I want people to
admire the beauty of the web page I recommend, to read what is offered
and to subscribe! It is more than just a game of clicks!

Add your site for free and dare to be rated.

So viper, let us look at your site..

Rather bland, with the stark white background and black letting with a horroble babycrappy yellow search button. You either have no conceot of what attracts the masses and I would urge you to go to www.w3b.co.za and see what webdesign is all about.

You must try and see that life is more than just two colours...

I am a little confused as to why you would offer kitchen stuff and musical instruments but I guess desperation grabs any product?

To be honest, even with your claim to be linkedto Amazon dot com, I wouldnt buy from a company with the name snake.

So while your site is robotically correct.. sorry.. NIL for creativity!

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