Friday, February 24, 2006

SharpSA has A Sharp SA boss ;)

I listen to people. Voices are like a blueprint when you speak on the phone. SharpSA has a passionate man who cares about his company. I will say it slowly. Sharp South Africa.. sharpSA is sharp. No waiting, no wondering. Like a good older brother, he cares about Sharp sa and the little sister Toner of S.A.

Evergreenbrowns bring thirty years.. THIRTY years of experience from a family company to be at your service.SharpSA is not just about price. They want you to remember their passion. To place Sharp SA on your bookmarks, to be at your fingertips, anywhere in South Africa.

Whether you want a Brother photostat machine or a Siemens PABX, a scientifuc calculater or a scanner, copier,fax machine, all you need to is to log into

And feel their passion to serve, and to welcome you as a customer, like a long lost cousin.

Stay awhile. Join the newsletter. BE sharp ;)

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