Friday, February 10, 2006

Miracle footprints needs you

Every now and then you are lucky enough to meet a special person. Someone who listens to the higher voice of her guides and angels.

Else Coertzen is someone who deals with abused children. Children who are raped, abused, misused. Her calling is clear.. help the children today and you have a chance to a better world tomorrow.

Whilst her calling was a deeply spiritual experience, she realises that she needs the help of the world to make this work. Special treatment, councilling, safehouses, food and clothing cost money.

She has the legal background of the police world and can recognise abuse as a trained councillor. She has the ability to gain the trust of children, make them open up so that the wounds can be dealt with in order to heal and move on.

I am sure children in such situations think and beg for miracles to happen. And her passion makes this happen.

Help Elsa today to make more miracles happen. I have permission to post her details , so here goes:

Footprints Ministry
Elsa Coertzen
Fax : 2711 472 9267

Any donation will do.

Should you wish to pay money into Footprints Ministry's account

It is At Standard Bank
account number 241662435

Africa have suffered long enough, The children have been silvent long enough.

Let the miracle happen.


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