Thursday, March 02, 2006

is it magic? Is it real?

As long as I can remember, the way people think and act, has fascinated me. I recall, as a 5 year old, my father telling me about this scientist that went on a journey trying to understand the human mind. At one point he received a message, which in todays terms, I would think came from his Higher self.

It said: stop.It toldhim that the human emotions are not capable of dealing with what he was about to disover.

HE didnt listen. He went insane.

I recall the old fasioned way of putting toner in a copier machine. You either messed or you didnt. When you messed, it was not just money down the drain, you got real dirty too ! Nowadays we just pop a canister in and voila! you carry on.

I wonder what would have happened if that scientist listened. Or maybe carried in slower, so his emotions could deal with the information he discovered.

I know that we are supposed to fix the presend and forget the past but it is sometimes hard to let go.

Dealing in the affilate business has made me see just how easy it is to make people believe. Some lucky gamer will win the jackpot. The winner is basically taking what thousands of others lost in their journey of magic.

Sometimes I feel that I am in a bubble and watching the world from that floating space. I see the worker ants that believe that you need to work for someone else in order to succeed.

I see the gamblers that take the risk of starting a new venture. They can make it happen or they can fail.

Magic is the reality of what we visualize. Is it real though? Or are we in a place beyond where the voice said : Stop
..and we didnt.

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