Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Morning in Africa

A lovely day in Africa. The sun is shining, it is a weather-to-order day of perfection, not too hot, not too cold. After the confusion of rain and cold a week ago, my system has almost recoverred from the shock ;)

I remember the weather at Sun City, where is offering a prize.
It is a bit warner than in Johannesburg.

The complex is magnificent... bring a feeling of mystical African jungle as you drive up to the complex.

The rooms are big, elegantly decorated, with a mirage of restaurants, ranging from fast food at the Entertainment centre, to the Brilliant curry Tavern at the Suncity hotel. The gaming area is comfortable and you never feel crowded, even the casino tables give you time to breathe without the zillions of bodies pushing around you, things you would experience at Casinos in Gauteng.

The staff SMILES. The Tswana is a friendly ,clean, helpful nation. Suncity offers jobs and food to many.

You can enter the competition via

Lost city, an African Palace, with breathtaking decor and ambience, Sol was in a good mood when he commisioned this. Was it a dream, a vision, or did the queen of the African jungle request that her presence be known through the different statures...? She must have leved water to ask for a minuature sea and a manmade lake at the SunCity Complex.. where you can play or para ski behind a superboat.

Three days would not be enough, but then the offer is there to extend your stay at a minimal cost;)

Why not try it?

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