Sunday, March 26, 2006

Are you the lemon or the cat, Larry?

Strange... I went to bed last night, and one of my guides started talking to me about you and the book..The changes leading to 2012 is already budding in breaking the earth, having little roots embed in the richness around it.. in order to grow.. so that it could see 2012.

Did I tell you I am a expecting Grandmother? I saw my little granddaughter in a dream the other day. Yesterday, when I saw her mommy and spoke.. she reacted.. pushing her little butt out all the time.. as if to say.. helloooooooooooo Granny!

Back to my guide

He said to me.. that people will care but they already care. Yet they do not know why they even care
He spoke to me about the blind faith gain..

The question is often: Why does G-d, God, the Creator allow people to suffer in poorness, in victim to pain and rape.

And the answer is.. We also have the free will to make changes. You dont have to be a Bible pusher to get people to listen to you.. BUT.. you DO need to be a writer!

The script a TV presenter reads.. is WRITTEN.. the words a preacher speak.. comes from WORDS that are written..

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword...

From Yin Li that travels to Africa and meet a modest man that becomes a king because of the way she treats him..and tells the story so someone writes it down..

From Oprah.. who shares her passion but has a team of writes to help stir a movement of change..

And.. Anne.. slamming away at the keys.. backspacing and frowning a little because she has to WRITE the message she got for Larry..

And by the way.. Water is the answer


You are helping to create the change of 2012

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