Thursday, January 26, 2006

Top Gear Club Dice Casino now offering Mustang!!!

You have been chosen to receive the following amazing treats just because you joined us from Silver Jade from Silverdollarscasino, one of our favored affiliates! Now Club-Dice Casino players have an amazing chance to win the red hot Mustang GT Convertible! Not only can you receive up to $500 by signing up to Club Dice Casino today, but you also get automatically entered to win a brand new Mustang GT Convertible.

All you have to do is make a deposit from now until the end of February. For each deposit you make of only $50 or more, you get a raffle ticket and immediately increase your chances to win that sexy Mustang.

This 100% pure American muscle car combines its classic style with the latest automotive technology...kind of like the way Club Dice casino is now with the latest New Generation platform technology!!!

Test drive a top of the line casino today!

Follow this link to find out more!

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