Monday, January 30, 2006

today the sky is GOLD in africa!

The sky is silver in Africa! Try our casino games for fun or play for real money when you feel that Lady Luck is on your side! Hundreds of prizes to be won!

It is good to give away stuff. Today Silver dollars casino gave a lucky person a treat for merely looking at the website and replying with a comment. I bet all the ones who screamed unsubscribe will think : darn! I could have had that money. People think that you send an email ( When they have opted in before) because you like to spam. We dont. I dont want someone to be on my mailing list if they dont want to be on it. Yes, you have subscribed via a competition or someone used your address as a referal. You dont like it? Unsubscribe!

Just sometimes it is not spam but a geniune request. We asked people to look at the website because They might :

use another isp
be in another country or province
have a faster/slower pc
pick up on things that the webdesigner wont know unless a user tells him.

Thanks RS.. hope you enjoy the treat.

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