Thursday, January 19, 2006

scam or scheme?

Seems to be another year of schemes. Any good business that wants online traffic needs a good marketing tool to acchieve that. In the past week ts 25 has shown that they also either a victim or participating in schemes to cut credit from the top surfers.

Scenario:Ranked very low on the list, three groups of *surfers* or bots start clicking for credits. They are all free members, so the rate is 2 credit for every webpage shown. And the whole 75 of them score. Similar totals or almost similar, surfing at a perfect rate of 8 crdits a minute ( therefore no delays and no breaks. Perfect bladders, as they do not need to go to the bathroom, perfect stomachs as they do not break to have a meal, perfect bodies, that do not dehydrate because they do not break for coffee, tea or a soft drink

These ts 25 new surfers do not sleep, do not get tired, do not click wrong numbers. They also have no social lives because if they are real, they are glued to the screen 24 hours a day.

Strangely enough it is impossible to even make contact with the support of ts 25 this week, let alone obtain a ticket.

19 out of 20 jackpots are claimed by them. 24 hours a day they get the benefit of getting all the letters.

People listed in the top ranks have to work longer hours to just stay where they are. Either a very clever marketing scheme or scam..

Comments anyone?

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