Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"As of 1/30/2006 StormPay must require Merchants with a commissioned
based business model who choose to accept StormPay, to only accept
StormPay. StormPay certainly does not wish to dictate how our merchants
run their business, all merchants are free to choose any processing
solution that best suits their needs. We understand you have choices
and certainly hope that choice is the online leader – StormPay.
However, if another payment solution is used, please immediately remove
StormPay from the associated website as a funding option and continue
to use the StormPay account funds to finish payments to those members
who paid using their StormPay account."

BULLIES! Some advice to Stormpay.. rather step up your security system. People do not take kindly to being bullied in only using one company .. GO neteller go!

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