Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Silverguru recommends May 2014


Nicole’s approach to coaching, consulting and healing is unique in that she provides a combination of practical tools and advice based on her 
corporate experience whilst working on an intuitive and energetic level to empower you to make conscious choices for your greatest good.

Workshops/Training offered (one-on-one and / Group sessions)- by appointment only :

Crystal Awareness
Working with Crystals in Healing and Meditation
Developing your Intuitive abilities
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When trying to lose or manage your weight it is important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. 
There are so many health risks associated with poor diets, no wonder we get tired, depressed, immune systems goes bonkers, infections occur, just to name a 

I offer personal health assessments that will be able to point you in the right direction free of charge. 
No one can easily change habits overnight, that is why you can address concerning factors gradually . You decide whether You would like to discover 
the pleasure, derived from healthy eating looking after the only body you have and becoming PERFECTLY YOU!

White Feather crystal and Psychic readings

This blog is still being twigged but worth mentioning
If you are feeling drained, despondent and stressed…If you are wanting to transmute negativity and are seeking balance and love in your life… If you are needing healing and energetic cleansing… 

If you are wanting a shift in career and direction… 
then book an appointment with White Feather to transform your life positively. 

White Feather  is a Lightworker, working with the energies of crystals and crystal card readings. 
 She deals with the 'here and now' and encourages the state of 'living in the present moment'.  

The energies of the crystals remind us to be 'awake' and conscious - 
a state which enables us to make sound decisions serving our Higher Self best. 
This in itself creates the path for our future. 

She  is guided intuitively by what comes to the fore during the session in 
order to guide and assist you on your specific journey.  

During your session you will be assisted in identifying your higher purpose 
as well as any energy blockages and/or lessons which may be delaying your journey to self-fulfillment.  

After your session, you will feel balanced, positive and have clarity of purpose and a way forward.


Open Studio Designs takes your ideas and converts them into uniquely 
individual personalized plans..making dreams a reality,
Detailed 3 D plans allows you to see what will manifest into your perfect 

From the first meeting, to you moving into your home, you will be able
to access ideas for interior decoration, what works and what to implement,
along with project management, should you have the need for it.


Katinka is a a health facilitator,and offers a variety of products, from Herbalife to No  Sun products along with advice and tips how to keep your body,soul and mental health as good as can be.
This site has a lot of info as well as products you can buy by contacting her.

Open Studio Design Gallery

The Open Studio Designs team is proud to share our gallery with you
The gallery consists of actual photos and 3 D designs of past and current 

Open Studio Designs take ideas and converts them
into unique, individual, personalized plans making dreams a reality.

WHICH style is you?

Detailed 3 D plans allows you to see what will manifest into your perfect 
From the first meeting, to you moving into your home, you will be able 
to access ideas for interior decoration, what works and what to implement,
along with project management, should you have the need for it.

With her work as her passion, and perfection and detail, you can enjoy
planning your home and leave the finer details and dedication to
Wendy and her team at Open Studio Designs.

Top to Toe car wash

Top to Toe car wash is situated in Benoni, Gauteng. The car wash have 3 wash bays and a workforce of 12 trained staff.
Totally unique, ensuring that the bio degradable product  is filtered by a Water recycling plant, Top to Toe car wash ensures that no harm is done to the surrounding land.

There is a cafe with free tea and coffee, also offering light meals and cooldrinks while you wait, a secure play area for the kids to enjoy themselves and braai facilities.

Top to Toe is open Monday to Sunday 7.30  to 16h30. 

Rian Stander, owner of Top to Toe tells me that he is sure that once you have been 
and experience the high service standard, you will want to come back again.



2m trailers:500 kg R180.00 per day
                             R100 half day
                             R600.00 Deposit 

3m X 1.5m trailers 1 ton: R220.00 per day
                                       R120 half day
                                       R600.00 Deposit 

4.2X2m trailer 1.5 ton      R250.00 per day 
                                        R600.00 deposit 

6m X 1.6m trailer 2 ton double axl R350.00 per day
                                                     R1200.00 deposit

Car trailer double axl       R350.00 per day 
                                       R1200.00 deposit  

Cattle trailer 5 m 1.5 ton  R350 per day.
                                       R600 deposit

ID, telephone no and recent Proof of residence needed.

TRI-C fixing laptops of all makes