Sunday, March 23, 2014

Security Pro or Security CON?

SilverGuru shows companies for what they are. We have approached ILZE of Security Pro and she threatened to sue us, if we published this...

MICHELL writes:

I have a complaint against the company Security PRO. 

On february 13th 2014 I went on Junkmail to find someone/Company to repair my land lords roller shutter gate. As we both drove in to the door I said I would pay for the repairs and deduct it from their rent. I was about to move that weekend and wanted the door repaired as soon as possible.

I came across Security Pro's add on Junkmail. I phoned the number provided. Number was owned by a  guy named Steven. He spoke Afrikaans. I explained to him what I needed to be done on the door. He said he will come at 12:15 that day to come and check the door. He said if the damage is too bad they will have to replace it. Depending how bad the gate looks. We agreed to meet 12:15. He asked me to SMS my address to him and I did. 

At around 1 pm that Thursday  I SMS them to know if they are on there way. Steven phoned me and said he thought me are meeting at 17:15. I said it was fine. After 18:15 he said they were in traffic but they are nearly there.

Steven got there in a white car (Old model) could be Mazda or Hyundai. He was accompanied with a short guy named Paul. They looked at the gate and said it won't take long to repair the door. They gave me a verbal quote of R800. They asked for R400 as they needed to buy the materials according to Paul. Paul also said he will do it the next day and give me the receipt. My car key was locked inside my car and Steven drove me and my daughter to the ATM at the Sophiatown Centre there I drew R800 at the ABSA. I gave them the full amount as I needed this done urgently and was working a late shift that friday at work.

On our way back to the house Paul said that they working for lawyers too and if I phone Steven and he doesn't answer it is because he cannot talk but he will send me a SMS. 

The Friday 14th of February 2014 when they where suppose to come do the door they kept extending the time until they said they will be there on Saturday 15February at 7am. They never came. I phone them numerous times. I told Steven I want it repaired or I want my money back! 

Days went by when I tried phoning them. On 20 February 2014 I phoned and spoke to ILZE. She said she was sorry that she just came out of the hospital and Steven went to the chemist for her he will phone me back. Steven sent me a SMS on 20 February 2014 :

I will get Paul to come out to u,before end of week. Im SORRY.I have no need to be dis honest " I was on my way to make a thief case at the police station. After receiving his SMS I gave him a chance to repair things. They never contacted me back or sent me any SMS's. I phoned so many times and ilze answered the phone. She said Stevens phone was diverted to hers.

I asked my friend to phone and ilze answered again and my friend told her that I wanted my money back! I spoke to Steven and he also said he will give my money back. I sent him my bank account details so that he can do a EFT. He sent me a SMS on 13 March 2014 

Thursday 20 March 2014 I was tired of giving chances, sending SMS's and phoning my airtime out for false promises! I told him I'm sending him my police case number and that I'm tired of his bad communication skills and lies. 

He SMS'd me back and said he does not know what I am talking about. I have the wrong person. I have all our conversations on my profile at work. All our calls are recorded. I can ask for them to pull out all the records of me dialing there number and what we spoke. I have all the SMS's he sent me. 

Please can you assist in this not happening to others

Kind regards 

Michell van Schalkwyk