Sunday, April 16, 2006

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About SilverGuru...

I have surfed many hours and have come to see the good, the bad, and the horrors...

This site is a compilation of useful links to programs that i believe are safe to use, and really deliver on their promises to help you earn decent money... and of course links to the scam artists, bullies and cheats because as they say - forewarned is forearmed - and I'm not afraid to tell it like it is!

Scammers, Bullies and Cheats...
Beware the SilverGuru!

The good... The Bad, and the horrors...
Best Affiliate Programs (Non Gaming)
These programs are safe to use, brings a good steady income and can be advertised with or without the use of your own webpage. These will be part of the : Yes! Join today group

Best Support and Backup (Non gaming)
A web page can look lovely, the concept can be great but if there is no support or backup, there is no use trying to even look at joining the program or promote it. All these companies have passed the silverguru test of service

Best Traffic Programs
In order to have ranking, you need traffic. In order to build up newsletter subscribers, they need to look at your site. So sorry auto surfer pages but you will not fall in this category. I want people to admire the beauty of the web page I recommend, to read what is offered and to subscribe! It is more than just a game of clicks!

Best casino's
Three million plus casino s out there. A minefield of do's and dont's. Mr casino owner, if you not in this list, and you are not under scams or horrors,
Submit your program for review and I will look at what you have to offer to the unsuspecting masses and if you really good, you will be in this list soon.

Scams, bullies and cheats
Ah now here is the stuff that makes one sit up and shiver. I will hold back nothing. Whether from personal experience, whether by reference, the cheaters, bullies and scams will be exposed and this case bad advertising will NOT be good for you.
Beware the silverguru...

Have you been scammed, bullied and cheated?

Hit the
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