Friday, February 27, 2015

Nov 2015

Top 2 Toe car wash and coffee shop, once you have been here you will go nowhere else.

Your psychic reading for 2016 will assist you to achieve the good, assess the bad and keep perspective 
of the real important issues in your life, without  taking away your free will 

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Selekant tailer hire is situated in SPRINGS ROAD, FAIRLEADS, BENONI.

If you are in need of a trailer and you are in the East or Far East Rand, SELEKANT  TRAILER HIRE is the one to call.

Selekant trailer hire offers a variety of trailers at affordable rates. We pride ourselves on our high quality of service and the good condition of our trailers.

Call MANDE at 0722856801 to book your trailer.

The BodyTalk Training Centre Africa

Training in Energy Medicine as a career or to help your self, family and friends.

    Welcome to The Consciousness Medicine of  the Future!