Monday, November 24, 2014

Recommended December 2014

Members are all Individuals looking for friendship or a life time partner, someone that they can be proud of taking home to friends or family. Dash Dating provides the platform for members to meet online in the safety of their own home before committing to a coffee or lunch date. 

Why Individuals join Dating Sites: 

The reason for joining an organization like Dash Dating would be just the same for all our members.  
It's not professional to date work colleagues or clients and no one wants to meet 
a prospective partner at a pub or a club. 

A decent person is not going to approach you at a restaurant or shopping mall 
and no one is communicating with each other at gym, pubs or clubs for fear of rejection.

Dash Dating doesn't resemble a normal dating site at all. 
It is almost like a Facebook page. People can share pictures on the main page, 
chat on the main page and privately if they prefer.  

Dash Dating even has chat rooms for a group of people to chat in privately.  

Members can design their own profile and have a cover photo 
as well as a profile picture, exactly the same as Facebook. 

We have a Video section. Members can load videos online and share it privately or on the main page. 

Market place: Members can advertise their business online at no extra cost. 

Members are not limited to 5 pictures as it would be on a normal dating site, 
they can post as many as they like on the main page as well as on their own page privately. 

Members have the option to keep their Profile private or open it all depends on the individual member. 

We further have a Music section. 
Members can upload songs and send it to other members or share the songs on the main page. 

Gifts: Members can send gifts to other members at no extra cost. 


Art Long: Hypnotherapist

We offer Hypnotherapy Training courses in South Africa comprehensive courses such as Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. All with International certification.

Hypnotherapy training Course: Self Improvement course involving  self hypnosis. This gives a person great control over themselves and their lives, and is

valuable for people from pain sufferers to students and athletes in any sport.

This is an intense weekend course costing R3995.00.

Hypnotherapy Training Course: Certified Hypnotherapist is 200 hours comprising home study and face to face assessment. Conducted over 12 months and 

costing R12500.00 including certification fees.

 Hypnotherapy Training Course: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist is either completed as 500 hours of study. Also for certified graduates as an additional 300 hours, consisting of home study, client consultations and face to face assessment. Cost of this additional 300 hours is R13995.00 including certification fees.

Recognition of Prior  Hypnotherapy Training Course Learning; We offer Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist certification as a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment. Available to existing C.Ht hypnosis graduates from our training or from any other institution, who have been practicing.

It helps to visualize the house before construction.You can see what the house looks like before you start building.

OSD builds a model of the house, as well as rendered images.

It is also an innovative tool marketing tool when developing, if you are planning to sell from a brochure.3D's are hard work but worth having.
All new plans include a 3D.

Your psychic reading for 2015 will assist you to achieve the good, assess the bad and keep perspective 
of the real important issues in your life, without  taking away your free will 

Chat to SilverJade to book your personal, e-mail or telephone reading

I offer personal health assessments that will be able to point you in the right direction. 
No one can easily change habits overnight, that is why you can address concerning factors gradually . 

You decide whether You would like to discover the pleasure, derived from healthy eating 

looking after the only body you have and becoming PERFECTLY YOU!

I do not turn people into gym freaks, every person is assessed and I help you to exercise according what your personal goals are.

You decide what you should lose/gain and how fast you want to do it.

Seeing me on a regular basis, creating a support group for you will make you enjoy every step of the way.

All you need to do is to pick up the phone, sms/whatsapp or email me so we set up an appointment ;)

My name is Carina Marx.

I learned how to sew before I learned to read. My fondest childhood memories are spending afternoons with my late grandmother, listening to the "soapies" on Springbok Radio and sewing.

 It was pure magic to see her transform a piece of material into into an exquisite garment. Sewing allows me to express my creativity and reminds me of the precious moments I got to spend with my grandmother.

Each item I make is unique and made with care. Being surrounded by beauty lifts our spirits and keeps us positive.

I strive to  achieve that with every item I make.  Bathrooms should be pretty too. Its where we start everyday of our lives after all.

View my creations and enhance your home with my passion.