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Nicole’s approach to coaching, consulting and healing is unique in that she 
provides a combination of practical tools and advice based on her 
corporate experience whilst working on an intuitive and energetic level to 
empower you to make conscious choices for your greatest good.

Workshops/Training offered (one-on-one and / Group sessions) - by 
appointment only :

Crystal Awareness
Working with Crystals in Healing and Meditation
Developing your Intuitive abilities
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When trying to lose or manage your weight it is important to maintain a 
nutritionally balanced diet. There are so many health risks associated with 
poor diets, no wonder we get tired, depressed, immune systems goes 
bonkers, infections occur, just to name a few.

I offer personal health assessments that will be able to point you in the 
right direction free of charge. No one can easily change habits overnight, 
that is why you can address concerning factors gradually . You decide 
whether You would like to discover the pleasure, derived from healthy 
eating looking after the only body you have and becoming PERFECTLY 


Open Studio Designs takes your ideas and converts them into uniquely 
individual personalized plans..making dreams a reality,
Detailed 3 D plans allows you to see what will manifest into your perfect 
From the first meeting, to you moving into your home, you will be able
to access ideas for interior decoration, what works and what to implement,
along with project management, should you have the need for it.

PONELOPELE Payroll Administration

Ensuring accurate final calculation of employees' salaries or wages - by 
withholding tax liabilities and other deductions
Electronic transfer of employees' net salaries
Supplying payslips
Providing the client with Payroll reconciliation reports
"Let us keep your Payroll processing impeccable"

Open Studio Design Gallery

The Open Studio Designs team is proud to share our gallery with you
The gallery consists of actual photos and 3 D designs of past and current 

Open Studio Designs take ideas and converts them
into unique, individual, personalized plans making dreams a reality.

On the Move Services

On The Move hires out mobile solutions that include:

Fridges are chiller units with dimensions: 2.5m length, 1.5m width and 
1.8m height They store any perishable goods from alcohol or non alcoholic 
beverages, cooked and uncooked meats. Pots containing foods can also be 
stored with ease. 


Kitchen units with dimensions: 2.5m length, 1.9m width and 2.0m height. 
12 Bamar holders (Food Warmers) and they run on gas cylinders. Kitchens 
can be used as Serving stations and they keep food warm through out the 
function. We provide Two ladies to assist client with the Kitchen units.


Bar units with dimensions: 2.5m length, 1.9m width and 2.0m height. Bar 
serving station, cocktails, beers, whiskey, Shooters, soft drinks, blender 
for cocktails. We provide our clients a Bar man and two waiters to service 
clients' guests.
Equipment will be delivered and collected at the event venue.

WHICH style is you?

Detailed 3 D plans allows you to see what will manifest into your perfect 
From the first meeting, to you moving into your home, you will be able 
to access ideas for interior decoration, what works and what to implement,
along with project management, should you have the need for it.

With her work as her passion, and perfection and detail, you can enjoy
planning your home and leave the finer details and dedication to
Wendy and her team at Open Studio Designs.


Noel Heath (Noel Paul Heath) (likes to pronounce his name as Nowell) 

DOB 18/11/1981.

The job he was doing, he was doing to do something, he had enough 
money, so didn't need money. Then wanted to start his own business 
again, and was just waiting for his millions to clear from overseas so he 

could buy a vehicle and the tools he needed. Then his money was going to 
clear the next day, and he wanted to have cash in the house, so please 
could he have access to the safe to put the cash he was drawing into it. 

All sounds so genuine, he is a master at conning! Then he starts doing 
jobs so long, small ones, and has product delivered to site, this while his 
money has not cleared yet, because his broker messed up the paperwork. 

But the money is coming...

Beware, he has excuses for everything, and can validate everything! Like 
no car... He bought his Honda cash (with all his millions), and didn't have 
time to insure before it was stolen! Now waiting for his other millions to be 
released to buy another vehicle... 

Ladies and the elderly, look out for this guy, he is only out there to do you 
out of your hard earned money and belongings. 

Anyway, the cops are also looking for him, as I have opened a case of 
theft against him, and I hope there are other people out there that have the guts to also put their foot down and expose him for what he really is.

I know he is already working on his next victim, and I pray this message 
gets to that person before he does too much damage. And to everyone 
else who may cross paths with him. 


Storilab's scariest movie ever

Forget anything you have ever seen before! We have the 
formula to make the scariest film ever made. At 74 minutes, 
you'll wish you never bought a ticket.

However we need funding ...
We need to raise $ 150 000 and every $ 10 donation brings
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If you would like to get in touch with us, you can give us a 
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To all the funders, we would like to say thank you and we 
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Pass the campaign on, we would appreciate that!