Monday, June 28, 2010

Crystal Energy

Crystal Energy is channelled unconditionally and with intent provides clarity, peace and enlightenment; enhances healing, harmony, positive thought processes and confidence whilst assisting in balancing energy centres which govern overall wellbeing (body, mind and spirit).
Energy is in and all around you. Your body is filled with mineral elements and the mineral kingdom acts as a natural bridge to connect you to Mother Earth and in so doing, minerals have a grounding effect on your overall wellbeing as well as on your environment. Getting the balance right is important as you walk on the path of fulfilling your life purpose. It is this balance which allows you to work on your spiritual, mental and physical self and Nicole works with you to align your energies in order to attain this balanced state.
As much as you need your personal energy centres to be clean and balanced, so too is it important to maintain healthy energy flow in and around you – in your home and in your work place. To this end, Nicole introduces crystal energies into the home and work environments to help achieve healthy energy flow throughout. 
Do you ever feel like you are stuck between two lives; feel 
like you are merely existing instead of creating your own life;
 unsure of how to shift old patterns?