Friday, August 07, 2009

Bookoopop trends for Autumn and Winter 2009

In SA, we are still covering up to a rather harsh winter, but the plus size ladies of the Northern hemisphere have to start thinking warmer clothes.

Any plus size woman is always watching for clothes that does not add bulk to the larger frame, without freezing as it gets colder. While it is hard to focus on winter clothes when it is still so nice outside, you need to take your time to start looking for those trendy ,plus size ,outfits. Bookoopop is busy doing just that for you! Be sure to look out for our fall and winter trends on the Bookoopop page

A Flattering neckline is important when you have a full breast. The best choice is a V-neck. You do not need to hide your fuller breasts, but dressing the right way, can make your body look longer and bust smaller. Support, support, support! Choose the bra with wide straps.With winter coming, wear jackets or coats of solid colors with a V-neck neckline

The classic pencil skirt. A favorite to women in all sizes! Sleek pencil skirts streamline the silhouette and tone down layers or thicker pieces for balance. There’s no reason to stop wearing skirts just because summer’s over! Pair up with some tights, light or dark,boots or shoes and you’re good to go.

Belts and lingerie! Belts in any fabric, made of different materials including leather, wood, metals, etc. You can look for some interesting details decorating them, such as unusual buckles, patterns, extraordinary forms. A belt for your mood, your shape and to enhance you

Lingerie can be sensual but functional. Anything that makes you feel good whilst making you look good too, like the corsets featured in Bookooplus.

Leather is the perfect choice for shoes for autumn and winter 2009 - 2010 as it keeps you warm and adds to your style.Classy,trendy, you can start at your feet and follow this trend right up to your clothes!
Long boots match up well with jeans and skirts, or choose ankle boots if you are not comfortable and don't like your footwear to heavy.

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