Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2012,Larry Joseph and 2012 secrets

The blockbuster movie 2012 is released later this year. Larry Joseph ( or Lawrence E. Joseph) as he signed his book Apocalypse 2012 , has been interviewed regarding this fascinating topic. Interviews will be screened before each show of the movie 2012.

There is a game released the beginning of August 2009, called 2012 SECRETS . This deals with Apocalypse 2012 and has many twists and turns , how to cope with An Apocalyptic event!

In between levels (as the next level is loading) we have so called “What if…?” sections that will ask the gamer a very brief question (for example “Will the Apocalypse really take place?”) followed by a brief answer from the author.

“2012 Secrets” is the first game in a series of Apocalypse 2012 games that we will create in collaboration with the world-renowned author Lawrence E. Joseph

• Apocalypse 2012 Secrets is a so called hidden object game with some shooter qualities (for example simply shooting an object by “taping” on it with a finger)
• It offers a total of 10 levels of which each basically consists of one high-resolution image o More levels can be created down the road and offered as upgrade
• In each image the gamer needs to find and shoot at a total of 15 objects that are well integrated into the image o The 15 objects are listed at the bottom of the screen o An additional 5 objects are shown in the picture o Each drawing has the irockgames logo hidden; finding the logo creates 200 points
• With each object found the gamer gets 100 points but also loses 50 points after 20 seconds of not finding another object
• If the clock hits zero or the score reduces to zero, all the objects are redistributed into the image (in different locations) and the game begins anew
• Every time the game is played the objects are in different locations which allows the gamer to come back and play the same level again and again
• In between levels (as the next level is loading) the gamer will be asked a question about the Apocalypse and, two seconds later, presented with an answer (we want to encourage our gamers to learn something while they are playing so they can walk away with new knowledge).

More exciting news is that Larry's new book, following the best seller Apocalypse 2012 will be released early next year.

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