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We could bore you with the marvels of our systems but what is really important are our results and what you get from us. We take care of the technology and ongoing innovation to ensure that you enjoy great services that are available 24x7x365.

You may want to know more about how Mimecast works, so we have sales engineers available to perform demonstrations and answer questions to help you qualify us as your solution.

Here are a few important facts in the meantime:

Mimecast is comprehensive:

Every company's email management needs will vary and they may change over time. So Mimecast has been designed for flexibility and today does nearly everything we and our clients can think of. In the past you may have bought and implemented several separate systems as your email management requirements unfolded. Mimecast gives you the functionality that you would expect from all the industry leading email security, continuity and archiving products, but you get it in one place and on one platform. If there is a feature you need that Mimecast does not already have, tell us about it and we are likely to work quickly to incorporate it for you. Unified email management is the way forward.

Mimecast is reliable

If you are going to trust someone to accept, deliver, store and secure your emails, you need to know they are reliable and will perform consistently day in and day out. Mimecast's systems are designed for 24x7 operation and span multiple datacentres in a redundant and load balanced configuration. You get a rock-solid service level agreement from us and we will not let you down. Importantly, we treat every single message we handle for you as important. Everything is transactionally managed, trackable and auditable so you can see what we are doing for you every second of every day. We can't tell which of your company's emails are worth their weight in gold so we treat all your messages as precious cargo.

Mimecast is fast

Mimecast's software is designed to be quick. We continually invest in expanding our grids with advanced multi core processors and hugely parallel data I/O. You get speed and responsiveness that keeps getting better and you will soon take it for granted. You have got better things to do than wait for email.

Mimecast is secure

Security is paramount for Mimecast especially when we are the trusted guardians of your archived data. You need to know that we can keep viruses and malware from traveling via email onto your network and that we can keep your data safe and secure for many years too. Mimecast employs some of the most advanced virus and malware scanning technology available on the market and this is shored up with several layers of security technology developed in our own labs which can detect threats and anomalies as they evolve. The data that we store for you is kept in secure data centers, encrypted behind firewalls and layers of physical security. You could say security is our core business.

Mimecast is scalable

Too often clients find their own in-house systems run out of steam as they grow. This brings expensive upgrades and downtime. Mimecast handles massive loads of email every minute of the day so our architecture has been designed to scale with our own growth and yours. Our grids enables us to upgrade and scale continuously and avoid disruptive overhauls. We are used to growth, we are designed for it, and making growth happen is in our DNA

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