Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Get your personal map for 2009 for only $25. Avoid the pitfalls and
act when Lady luck is at your side.Silverjade has been giving advice for 29 years and is
also quoted widely in Apocalypse2012.

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Almost everyone in South Africa owns a cellphone. This is a whole new page
to create marketing with.
Obama used the mobile phone campaign with exceptional success.

Are YOU going to fall of the bus or ride the wave? is an excellent platform to advertise your business, using your logo
or a small text message.
Have a look at this useful mobi site and contact Tony for more information.

Register for free and log on to share the excitement of ordering food via
your cell phone.

News - globalnetmarketing

Many companies are not paying bonuses this year.
Are you one of the many that feels that it is time to find another job?

DO you need to move on?
Sync consulting has that extra personal touch and will place you with the right company
in the right position.
Contact Nicole or look at what is available

Syncconsulting is the agency that cares

News - globalnetmarketing

Globalnetmarketing will not be increasing our rates for services offered.
You can not employ someone at the rate we charge and get the RESULTS we offer.
Give it try and see for yourself.

Larry Joseph, author of the best selling APOCALYPSE 2012 was interviewed on
CARTE BLANCHE, the flagship of the M-Net channel.
While I feel that the interview was a little short, you might want to get yourself a
copy via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

We do need to respect earth or we will not have an Earth to live on.

News - globalnetmarketing

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