Sunday, January 14, 2007

my 5 cents on Apocalypse 2012

I have been helping Larry, the author of Apocalypse2012 with the marketing of his book. I met him last year, when he flew out to chat with me about the issue that the world might end in 2012.
I gave my opinion, as a psychic, feeling that the world will change dramatically because of something happening in 2011. Just looking at te date you would see why. The magical 11, in partnership with the 2, would drive home a choice in all partnerships, whether it be wind and water, wind and earth or even water and earth. I do not foresee that fire is the major issue but it could certainly be the release of fire caused by the emotions of water that triggers all this.

Buy the book. Write me and tell me what you think. It has been scheduled for release on 23 January but you can preorder it on the sites like Amazon etc.

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